Kid’s Craft

It’s very important to encourage the use of ‘alternative’ art materials with children. When we’re feeling bored with the clay, crayons, and markers these are the three unusual places we look to for inspiration:


The Pantry: A perfect time to clean out any food that isn’t going to get eaten anyway! Think beyond the pasta necklace and head for smooth beans, popcorn, seeds and grains. These can be glued in designs to paper, or made into shakers, or strung on a string.
Nature: There’s no greater source of materials than out in the wide world around us–look for small rocks, leaves, acorns, pinecones and more. The ‘hunt’ becomes an adventure itself. Red Current recently shared her family’s version of this activity.
The Trash: Oh yes, the garbage. Or, perhaps a bit more sanitary–the recycling bins. Take some inspiration from the great recycling artists out there and get creative with the stuff that you (or others) are getting rid of. We keep an art box for the kids full of such random pieces as bottles, newspaper, tubes, and cardboard. With a free imagination, they can turn into anything.

Where do you go for your creative craft materials?

You can check out more craft ideas for kids and adults at Whip Up. 


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