Village – Fall Fun For Babes!


How many ways can Baby and Parent zoom in Kindermusik Village? Hop in the Zoom Buggy! and find out! Through a variety of songs, chants, and instrumental selections you and Baby will experience the rumbling of a baby buggy, the squeaky stroller, the bumpa bumpa bumpa of the wagon, the train chugging up the track and much more. Familiar songs and old favorites such as “Lightly Row” and “Little Red Caboose” are interspersed with new and delightful tunes such as “Les Raftsmen”, “Ridin’ in a Buggy”, and “Ziggy Zag Zoom!”


In Dream Pillow, you will find a unique unit combining songs of nighttime and family love and stimulating, exuberant music and songs of cultures the world over. From chime ball play to “The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy” to a bouncing, swooping dance to the Kletzmer tune “Tants, Tants Yidelekh”, from a swishing maypole made of humongous scarves to drumming along to “Aiken Drum”, this unit will offer a wide variety of stimulation for your baby’s growing body and brain.

Find out more about Village classes in Oxford at Kindermusik with Jeanne.


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