Young Child – Ready to Read and Write Music!

Kindermusik for the Young Child is a 2-year sequential curriculum in which children begin to develop a working knowledge of vocal development, rhythm, notation, musical symbols and simple pre-keyboard, string and woodwind instruments. Your child will have opportunities for singing, creative movement, playing instruments, focused listening, and learning musical notation. Musical games and hands-on materials reinforce these musical concepts. The capstone of Kindermusik, Young Child is a wonderful, pressure-free preparation for private instrumental instruction. Students may begin in any semester with permission of the instructor. Parents and siblings join in for the last 15 minutes of class.


Semester 1 broadens the child’s musical experience through the introduction of the glockenspiel. Learning how to keep a steady beat plus reading and writing musical notations will help a child lay the initial groundwork for musical success!


In Semester 3, children are introduced to stringed instruments with their very own dulcimers. Along with the dulcimers we will continue to play our glockenspiels while we focus on call and response, improvisation, meter, notation and a touch of Tchaikovsky. Themes this semester are Music of Appalachia, Music of the Sea and Native American Music.

Find out more about Young Child classes in Oxford at Kindermusik with Jeanne.


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