We Dance Together

Here is a terrifically inspiring website from the mother of a Downs Syndrome child. Do you believe that diversity= enrichment?



“A conversation with Katie is a reflection on a dialogue we had a few
years ago while I was interviewing Katie for a publication. I asked Katie
what people could do to support her dreams. I recall being entirely
confused when she replied, “You can dance.” I thought she was fooling
around and admittedly I didn’t pay much attention to what she had to say.
But in the years since, with the help of some other folks, I’ve come to
understand the power and meaning of her words. One theme in her message is
that we need each other to become fully ourselves. So much of the rhetoric
about inclusive schools and communities is aimed at ‘helping’ people with
disabilities. But Katie is saying that when we are together, when we learn
together, work together and live in community with others, we all benefit,
we all become more. “

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