Shaela Kathryn Has Arrived!

Being the third child but first girl in the family must mean a dramatic entrance is in order! As many of you knew Wednesday, November 8 was “B” day for our family. We went in early in the morning to get started. Ryan, #1 son, had been induced for medical reasons 4 days past his due date. Brandon, #2 son, had been induced when he was a week past his due date. This was going to be a piece of cake. The only problem was we still didn’t have a name picked out!

Some time after 6 pm and a period of irregular baby heart beats from the monitor it was discovered that we had a prolapsed umbillical cord and a very scary emergency c-section was needed. I was rushed to surgery and by 6:30 Ian had a new baby in his arms. She was not breathing when they took her and has some bruising from the resuscitation. The pediatricians all say everything looks fine with her. Mom is recovering a little more slowly than I had originally anticipated from a “normal” delivery.

Yes, we did drive the hospital crazy by not actually giving her a name until late Friday afternoon.


Shaela Kathryn

November 8, 2006

7lb, 3oz

20.5 inches


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