Kindermusik Road Trips

Spring Break is upon us, and many of you are probably planning road trips to see Grandma and Grandpa or a family vacation. It often seems hard to keep little ones happy on such long car or airplane rides. Let me suggest a little Kindermusik for the road. You’d be amazed how much time a Kindermusik CD or two and a few of your favorite activities can fill.


– Load up your CD player or iPod/MP3 Player with Kindermusik or DRMY! Favorites.
– Give every activity a try. You might be surprised at which ones appeal on the road. One mom said she was shocked to find out that those same “Warm-Up Exercises” from the Village class she can’t ever get her little guy to sit still for brough peals of laughter when he was constrained in a carseat!
– Don’t be afraid to shout out a little Kindermusik in the airport. People love it, and anyone would much rather see a singing, giggling child than one who is whining or fussing. (Yes, some have been known to break into actual Kindermusik dances while waiting to board a plane. Anything to keep a crying 5-month-old soothed. And it worked!)
– Use your favorite lullabies to help soothe your little one to sleep.

Here is a great new travel set for the older kids from DRMY! See all the great new spring things HERE.


Buckle up for fun!Pack this little gem of a travel kit for everything you’ll need to keep the family happy! This kit is small enough to fit under the seat, but is packed with a CD featuring road trip classics plus a book, and an activity set of state trivia, mazes, stories, word searches, logic games, singing games, fun facts, art activities, and even a U.S. map are all part of this never-ending boredom-busting collection.

Great ideas, Joy!  Thanks for sharing!

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