Kindermusik in the Parade!



All decked out! This year’s parade was earlier, shorter and all about the kids. It was a total hit!



Showing off the new shirts was lots of fun!



All the babies were lulled to sleep. Bigger kids had a great nap later!



It is so fun when the whole family joins in on activities.

Hurray for all the dads that regularly come to Kindermusik class with their kids!



Did big brother just steal your crown?



We couldn’t have asked for better weather in July – in Mississippi!



Some were so proud of their beautiful Red White and Blue outfits that they saved the Kindermusik shirts for later!



Here we go through the Oxford Square!



Saying hello to lots of friends who couldn’t join us in the march this year.




I wish I’d gotten photos of all my special kids at the parade. This is the only one I got of any of my OWN kids! (Yes, that is Shaela in the stroller on the left.)

I hope everyone will be able to join us in the Christmas parade.








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