With Toy Recalls Every Other Day…Parents Get Back to Basics

Fellow Kindermusik Educator and friend, Daneille Grimes, of Atlanta wrote the following article regarding getting back to the basics of playing. Daneille is a mother, grandmother, past Kindergarten teacher and of course a Kindermusik Educator! Her roles give her a rich experience to draw from as she gives this very opportune advice. Parents take heed and provide your child with some wonderful play experiences!



“Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens!”

Have you noticed how much pleasure your toddler can find in touching a pansy petal to his cheek? …or the fascination in the eyes of a three year old who has discovered a spider crawling on its web? Everyone who has a one-on-one relationship with a child can get “back to basics” in a
blink of an eye. Even fuzz-balls under the fridge can capture a little one’s interest. Think about the toys you or your child loved most….. probably a cuddly bear, a houseful of “little round people”, wooden building blocks, Colorforms shape sets, or play pots and pans, dishes
and some play dough “food”. A two year old can still spend hours playing with soapy suds or digging in the sand. Remember the basics when choosing toys and there will be less frustration for you AND your children. No batteries, raucous electronic voices or beeps, software that disappoints, violent games, or lost pieces in the bottom of the toy box. A gift of a big plastic tub with snap-on lid filled with age appropriate art supplies and blank paper, a plastic drop cloth, and a collection of “stuff” such as tissue tubes, stickers, rubber bands, feathers, scraps of fabric and construction paper might be one of the best gifts you could give. But don’t just set it down in front of your child…. “Let’s see what we can make!” could be the magic words. Don’t insist on conformity or beauty. Just the experience of construction can bring great satisfaction. There are some good books on home-made instruments for parents and children to make together, combining music and craft/art. Let me hear of your successes and/or disasters.

We can all learn from each other. Thank you Daneille! Parents let me know what kinds of fun play activities you and your children are enjoying! We might all get some good ideas!

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