A Hand is Worth at Least One Cute Little Story

Preschoolers are developing at such a rapid rate that they tend to overestimate their physical abilities—even the ones close at hand. So it can lead to frustration when they think they’re ready to zip their own coats and buttons, and just can’t make their fingers do what they think they should.

Using her hands for fun things such as making hand shadow puppets gives your preschooler some fuss-free practice. Plus, her emerging interest in telling stories and sharing games with friends makes shadow puppet storytelling a hands-down favorite.



One-act play for shadow puppets. Shadow puppets can bring a bed-time story to life using a flashlight and a nearby wall. Put on your own play. Start simple, and eventually, you can make up your own shadow-puppet stories. Experiment making lots of different shapes with your hands and ask your preschooler what she thinks the shape looks like, and ask her to make up her own story.

Find more shadows here.


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