Music Alone Shall Live

Merri and Julie, this one is for you and all my other Kindermusik buddies!

4 thoughts on “Music Alone Shall Live

  1. Oh, Jeanne!! He’s right; it’s a *LOT* more fun than video games, and it sure won’t fry your brain. Thank you *SOOOO* much for finding this!

    A *BIG* Kindermusik hug to you from Georgia!


  2. Hugs back at you Merri. This will be my second year in a row to miss convention and seeing all of you wonderful ladies. Those of you who are going sing a couple of songs for us and take lots of great notes that you can come back and share!

  3. Thank you Thank you Jeanne! I wish it was easier to get to convention but at least I will be there in spirit as I know you will be too! It is such a special time and the memories can’t be traded for anything!

    Much love!

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