Do-Re-Me & You! aka DRMY

Yes, the wonderful DRMY products are still available! Many are now being carried by Discovery Toys like:

product8274large.jpg Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

product1228large.jpg Cowboy Baby

product1421large.jpg 1, 2, 3 Octopus & Me

product1880large.jpg Noodles from Scratch

product1883large.jpg Sound Bingo

product3514large.jpg It’s All in the Rhythm

and many more!

If there are other DRMY titles that you are looking for please drop me a line and I can help you find them.

bongoset.jpg Fabulous Instruments

america_large.jpg America the Musical

tressa_large.jpg Tressa the Musical Princess

zane_the_train.jpg Zane the Train

meet_mozart_large.jpg Meet Mozart

Saturday, December 1st I will be having an open house from 10 am to 1 pm. Many DRMY and Discovery Toys items will be on sale. If you can’t make it then just drop me a line and we’ll set up an appointment. The rest of the week I’ll be highlighting some of my favorites. Which ones do you love?

4 thoughts on “Do-Re-Me & You! aka DRMY

  1. I like to buy products of you. I have a child with autism and his pscicology work with a product of you. I like to see a catalog for you. My adrees is Calle Biscayne X-2 Sta. Juanita Bayamon, Puerto Rico 00956 If you need a person that represent here in Puerto Rico. My english is poor but I understand if you write me. Have a nice day and My telephone is 787 297 5156.

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