DRMY & Discovery Toys Open House

Save the date! Saturday, December 1st will be an open house from 10 am to 1 pm. Many DRMY and Discovery Toys items will be on sale. If you can’t make it then just drop me a line and we’ll set up an appointment.

Some of my favorites that I know you will love the sale price on are:

tlc_rev_large.jpg TLC ~ Grow with Me. This is what happens when you nurture a child’s creativity: she learns responsibility, patience, and how to make something grow. Creative outlets like these—if it’s a craft, or caring for a plant—are vital for preschool-age children who are encountering for the first time the kind of abstract thinking processes that need to be explored, expressed, and encouraged.

frod_a_dancing_large.jpgFrog Went A-Dancing. The more your toddler moves, the more learning takes place in his mind. Research shows a strong link between moving hands and legs and the creation of new neural networks in the brain. So dance along with every animal in the book!

dreamland_l.jpg Putumayo World Music’s Dreamland. One thing we have in common, the whole world over, is sleepy children. They rub their eyes, they get a little cranky—time for bed! And nothing’s nicer to transition them to dreamland than songs created just for that time of day. This CD offers one soothing, bedtime tune after another—for a sleepy child or stressed adult.
amazing_travel_large.jpgAmazing Travel Fun for Kids on the Go! Buckle up for fun! Pack this little gem of a travel kit for everything you’ll need to keep the family happy! This kit is small enough to fit under the seat, but is packed with a CD featuring road trip classics plus a book, and an activity set of state trivia, mazes, stories, word searches, logic games, singing games, fun facts, art activities, and even a U.S. map are all part of this never-ending boredom-busting collection.

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