Falling In Love Again

Jeanne –
A couple of years ago, when Audrey turned two, you told me something I’ll never forget: “you always love your kids, but something happens when they turn two. You fall IN LOVE with them.” As I’ve now gone through that transition with three kids, I have to agree. But it’s not just that specific age; there are just certain things kids can do starting at two that makes us start to see them as little humans, not just babies or even toddlers. And as they grow ever older, and they start to evolve into the people they’re meant to be, the love we mothers feel for them just deepens. I think it’s admiration for them as much as it is mere affection. We’re no longer seeing them like pictures of ourselves at that age; we now see who they are inside; their burgeoning personalities.

3 thoughts on “Falling In Love Again

  1. Jeanne,
    I have never thought about that point in a 2 year olds life, but you are absolutely correct. Love your blog! Can you tell me a little more about how you host a Mom’s Night Out? Do you provide the childcare or do you go out?

  2. Hey, I am the number 1 mom that needs a night out! We try to host these once a month or so on different nights of the week. Everyone who can make childcare arrangements makes a point of being there! Lots of fun. Next month we are going to try a bowling party again!

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