Drummers Play Through July 29th LA Earthquake

A fellow Kindermusik teacher sent me this link. Her friend was in the middle of a drum circle when the earthquake hit. The group of students at Kalani’s Los Angeles Drum Circle Music Course play right through the July 29th, 2008 Los Angeles Earthquake without losing a beat. As she said “It’s pretty funny. The more practical women stop and talk about ducking and covering but the men just keep on drumming until one of the women finally stops them. Ahhh…the difference between men and women.”

Our Talented Mom’s Get Some Awards

We have a lot of talent amongst our Oxford Kindermusik Family. Talented children, of course, but also the parents who so diligently bring their kids to class. Two of our Mom’s recently won some very well deserved recognition.

Beth Ann Fennelly, who has already earned numerous national awards, is now the recipient of a Fullbright fellowship to go to Brazil and study the work of 20th century American poet Elizabeth Bishop.

Sandra Knispel, who is a freelance reporter for Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB), earned the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for Outstanding Achievement in Network Radio News for hard news for her feature story on the “Emmett Till Apology.” Especially impressive is the fact that Sandra was up against the national giants of CBS, ABC and NPR.

Brava Ladies!

Fall Registration Now Open

Lots and lots of fun is in store for you and your child this fall!

Sign & Sing is just about ready to start. Contact me right away if you are interested in this August only class. Session A: Everyday items around the house—a ball, bubbles, mom and dad — become the objects of learning in the classroom and at home.
In the Village classes (newborn – 20 months) this fall we will be doing Zoom Buggy and Dream Pillow.
Zoom Buggy!—Swoosh, vroom, and clickety-clack your way through this delightful unit. Babies and adults will dance, sing, and play instruments to the theme of being on the go. Chug around the room to the song “Little Red Caboose,” hold on tightly while “Riding in the Buggy,” and dance your way to “Zoom-e-oh!” Engage in rituals and playful activities such as infant massage, lap bounces, exercise, and quiet time.
Home Materials: Colorful board book—Zoom Buggy, Home CD of the songs heard in class, two Art Banners, and a baby instrument for music-making at home.

Dream Pillow—This title alone brings images of rocking, cuddling, singing, and lulling to sleep. But leading up to sleepy time are many upbeat and playful activities. Babies and Adults will swirl to a dreamy cloud dance “Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland.” They’ll also play baby appropriate instruments to “Aiken Drum,” and “Sarasponda.” Favorite nursery rhymes like “Wee Willie Winkie,” and “Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling,” are sprinkled throughout the classes. It’s easy to weave many of the class songs and activities into your families’ daily routines. Home Materials: Board book that calms and relaxes—Dream Pillow Lullaby, Home CD of the songs heard in class, two Art Banners, and a baby instrument for music-making at home.

The 1.5 – 3.5 year olds in Our Time will LOVE Milk & Cookies!
Milk & Cookies makes everyday home activities and chores easier and more fun with music! Cook and sing to “The Muffin Man”; dust and clean to the original song “In My House”; get ready to wash clothes to the delightful poem “Washing Machine”. Baking cookies, eating cupcakes, blowing on hot cross buns, wiggling like jelly, going grocery shopping and making tea are all represented in familiar as well as new songs. Move, play, and sing together in developmentally appropriate activities created just for 1 ½ to 3-year-olds. Capture the familiar and new moments of the day and learn how music can impact your toddler.
Home Materials: Two Books—At My House and Cookies, Two Home CDs, Stir Xylophone instrument, and a Home Activity Book—all arriving in a durable lunch bag.

Imagine That! will be a blast for the 3.5 – 5 year olds when we present Hello Weather.
Hello Weather! Let’s Play Together!—sunshine, rain, snow, thunderstorms, and more in this imaginative and delightful weather-related musical adventure. Preschoolers create storm sounds with a drum to “Wild Storms,” jump in pretend puddles to “Mud Puddle Jump,” throw pretend snow-balls to “Snowballs,” and sing along to “Colors of the Rainbow.” They’ll be surrounded in a creative musical environment that integrates music, pretend play, story telling, movement, and more.
Home Materials: Two books—Michael Finnigan and Hurry Home, Little Kittens, Hello Weather Play Set, Two Home CDs, Family Activity Book, and Instruments—ankle bells and rain shaker with scraper.

Young Child classes for the Kindergarten and 1st graders will also be getting underway again this fall. It is amazing how much they can learn at this age! I wish this had been available when I was young. A pressure-free approach to learning, but concrete enough because your child is ready for the more abstract thinking processes that music requires. Play remains the primary way a young child learns, so throughout the curriculum there is a consistent effort to balance active learning with the emotional reasoning aspects of a young child’s development in mind.
Home Materials: Children’s Folder, Music At Home cards & stickers, Games Bag, Family Songbook, Home CD, and Carry Bag. Instruments can include glockenspiel w/mallets, dulcimer, and recorder.

Registration for fall classes is now available.
You may go online and register with a credit card, or print off the registration form and send it in or bring it by. If you would like me to email you a copy of the registration form just shoot me a line at jlippincott@bellsouth.net Continue reading “Fall Registration Now Open”

We Will Remember You!

We have so many families that have moved away this year. Here is a tribute to them all. In Kindermusik classes we are all about the children but it is the adults who really make our Kindermusik community sing! We will miss all our wonderful friends both big and small. No, the tune is not from Kindermusik it is a favorite of mine from Ryan Cabrera.

To the Zoo We’ll Go on the Allee-Allee O

The Allee-Allee O, the Allee-Allee O

We have been having so much fun this summer in our Zoo Train Kindermusik classes! We even did a trip to the Memphis Zoo and invited everyone from all the classes to join us. Lots of families went to the zoo – but you know who’s kids I took pictures of?

No, no. Not those little ones! Mine!

Ride ’em COWboys!

Now that is a monkey if ever I saw one!

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Yes, even the big ones eventually wear out!