What’s For Dinner?

Here we go with something new. I’m going to try and put up something about how I occasionally get some bits of somewhat healthy food into my kids. Did you even know I like to cook? Really, I do.

Do I cook? Well, these days it is not as often as I might like. Note that I do not consider opening a can of soup or heating up a frozen pizza cooking. Why don’t I cook as often as I used to? Well, I sometimes refer to them as Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3. You see, once you have 3 of them the names become meaningless, “whoever you are – just do it!”

I have piles of wonderful cookbooks and I watch the cooking shows, some of them anyway. I love Top Chef. Rachel Ray and her 30 minute meals are REALLY appealing. Imagine whipping up something fabulous and healthy for the family in just 30 minutes. She can do that. I’m a pretty good cook. I can do that too!

I have discovered a couple of major difference between myself and Rachel though. First, I am clearly not as organized as she is. I can’t walk to my pantry and pull out everything I will need for each component of the meal in one trip. I go about 15 times. At least half of those trips are because, as I get a few more years under my belt, I all too often find myself standing in the pantry with no notion of what I am looking for. I’m sure Rachel has a nice producer to constantly redirect her thoughts. My little producers do redirect my thoughts but it usually has little to do with what I am TRYING to accomplish.

So, without further ado here are the Basic Rules of Cooking in my kitchen:

1. No Campbell’s soup. If I see a recipe with that ingredient I run the other way.
2. No Cool Whip. Ditto.
3. I am all for healthy food but sometimes you just have to have a little (or a LOT) of the other stuff.
4. If I can make extra and keep it in the freezer it is a winner!
5. Kids don’t always have to like it. They only have to try it. Will I make them something else? Are you kidding?! They have all chosen at various times to go to bed without dinner and not a one of them looks like they are wasting away.
6. I love the idea of those Rachel Ray 30 minutes but let’s get real. Those 30 minute meals take 1-2 hours when you add in homework, breaking up fights, answering the phone, pulling a toddler off your leg – again, cleaning up spills, finding the lost ________, bandaging the _________, etc.

So, stay tuned for some kitchen ideas. I won’t bother to call them fast, mega healthy, or even appealing to all kids. In real life I don’t think that stuff exists!

2 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner?

  1. LOL! I had no idea, Jeanne, that you had been in my kitchen, hiding and watching from behind my back, while I was desperately trying to remember *what* it was I had opened the cabinet door to retrieve, all whilst refereeing the latest spat, shoveling something down my then-youngest’s open mouth to keep her quiet, and – oh, yes – get something “nutritional” (no, make that edible!) onto the dinner table by the time dh got home from work! 🙂

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