A Greener Oxford

Leighton McCool is the Director of Earth Day this year in Oxford. She is passing out some daily tips that we can all join in to make Oxford Greener.

For today:

Gather your old paint cans, batteries, cleaning spray bottles and all other junk that destroys our land fill. Amberlyn Liles, recycling coordinator for the City of Oxford, has worked her tail off to make recycling easier in this town (and it is) and to bring the Hazardous Waste program to our city. You’ve paid for this, we all have via lots & lots of state tax dollars. If we don’t support it, Amberylyn will only have to fight that much harder for the state funds to get this group to come here next year. If Oxford doesn’t support it, the tax dollars will be used elsewhere in the years to come.

Please, do yourself a favor, gather some junk and take it down to the Conference Center today just off of Sisk next to Della Davidson. They’ll be open from 8AM till 3PM and you don’t even have to get out of your car. A group of city employees, volunteers and Amberlyn herself will be there to greet you and unload your car as you pull through.

Take a child with you, it’s a learning experience for all of us.


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