Going Green Can Make You Rich!

Here is the next installment from our Oxford Green Coordinator:

On average, American families spend $2,500 a year on bottled water. But did you know that most bottled water is just tap water in disguise. In fact, federal standards are higher for tap water than for bottled water. So do yourself, your community and your earth a favor and put that $2,500 to better use.

Start drinking Oxford’s fine water from your tap. It will help to keep the over abundance of water bottles out of our land fills. It will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year. And it will have a significant impact on our environment.

Purchase a reusable water bottle today & start enjoying Oxford’s water for free.


Today is water conservation day in Oxford. Go to OleMiss.edu/green for details on all of the planned community events taking place in the grove and various other locations in our community. You can make a


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