Did You Know?

That the homes that we live in account for more than 20 percent of our national energy demand and produce more than 20 percent of our national carbon dioxide emissions?

Roughly half of our home energy expenses come from heating & cooling our house (and the rest of Oxford via drafts and air leaks). Fixing poor insulation and reducing drafts in your home can save you several hundred dollars each year on your utility bills and will help our severely damaged planet by sending less emission into our already
polluted air.


Help us celebrate Alternative Energy Day in the city of Oxford. Stop by the grove or next to City Hall for wonderful demonstrations and education about what each of us can do to play our part. At 2PM today, the Chief
ENVIRONMENTAL Officer for Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America, Kevin Butt, will be speaking in the Johnson Commons Ballroom.

Bike to lunch today and get 25% off your lunch from participating restaurants on the square. Check out olemiss.edu/green for participating restaurants.


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