Did You Know…

Between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags (Kroger type bags) are used every year worldwide and unfortunately for our planet, that same bag you receive today will stick around (literally) for thousands of years polluting the earth. They don’t biodegrade. Paper bags aren’t much better as they require twice the energy to make. The solution. Get some reusable bags, now available at Kroger and everywhere else in town. Keep them in your car and use them when you go to the grocery or anywhere else. Then maybe someday Oxford could follow the lead of
countries that ban or heavily tax the use of plastic bags. Even San Francisco banned plastic bags in March 2007 and several other US cities have followed suit. Perhaps a project for our next mayor and board of alderman???
This week in Kindermusik classes we are handing out bags also. If you are not currently taking classes but would like a bag just give me a call!

Tomorrow is EarthDay and WorldFest. Come out to the grove anytime between 9AM and 6PM. We’re giving away free reusable bags from Kroger, free environmentally friendly light bulbs, lots of education, entertainment and fun for all.

We’ll have a carbon footprint station set up where you can personally determine your carbon footprint and learn how to reduce your monthly bills and carbon footprint immediately.

Kelley Norris is playing on the plaza from 11AM till 1PM. Consider riding your bike up or hopping on the new city bus and join us for lunch in the grove. Food vendors are set up.

At 4PM, Natasha Bankhead is conducting a demonstration on crocheting beautiful handbags out of (these otherwise harmful) plastic bags. Beautiful doll clothes can also be made from these bags. So bring your crochet needles (the largest you can find) and be prepared to learn a new craft. Children welcome!!!

A Moon bounce, powered by the city’s solar powered generator, will be in the grove and plenty, plenty more. If you can’t get by during the day, bring the kids after school, I promise it will be fun & educational for all.

I hope to see you tomorrow!!!


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