Make Oxford a Biking Community

Here is Leighton McCool’s latest installment:

Driving a car is the most polluting act an average citizen commits.

A human on a bike, however, is extremely efficient and a true gift to our environment.


Let me clarify here, I am more guilty than many of you. I drive an SUV (ouch), I have no choice as I frequently carpool 6 to 8 kids a day. What I am saying is that each of us do our part, when we are able.

For anyone who came to the grove yesterday, you may have seen the comparison of the US carbon footprint to Brazil and many other eco-friendly countries. It was a frightening demonstration.
If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam and seen the millions of bikes on the streets, it’s a beautiful site. Many, many, many more bikes than cars. It’s not unusual (in fact it’s the norm) to ride your bike on a date to the movies, a concert, etc. They have a Ride ‘n Share program where you simply grab a bike from a rack, donated by the government (or shall I say the taxes payers dollars) and ride it to your destination. There is never a shortage of bikes. Now how’s that idea
for our tax dollars? I’d sure support it.

Consider breaking out your bike today. Oxford’s bike shops are offering free tune-ups in the grove today from 10AM till 2PM. If your bike is ready to go ride it to work or school today. If you stop by the square on your bike (next to City Hall), the Oxford Cycling club is giving away free coffee and lots of great knowledge.

Let’s all join together to make Oxford a more friendly biking and walking community. Are you in???


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