Baby Me

Poor little one. She looks so sad here. We realized recently that as the youngest with 2 older brothers Shaela was growing up in a house where the only thing approaching a doll was a Teen-age-mutant-ninja-turtle, Batman or Superman figure. Grandma and I took her doll shopping. That was a whole new experience for this “boy mom.” This is the baby doll she picked out. I was personally thrilled that it didn’t talk or yell at me when I got near it nor did it drink or wet it’s pants. When asked later what her doll’s name was, she gave it a little thought and my 21 month old said, “ME.”

Summer Time and the Livin’ is Easy…

Well, in theory anyway! You have probably noticed that very few posts have been going up this summer. It has been a time to spend with the kids and trying to take it easy. Please note the TRYING. With three kids in the house Mommy and taking it easy do not go well together. It is time to start gearing up for fall now so check back often for lots of fun posts. While you wait here are some fun moments from our summer time.

Double Decker Festival is Coming!

Anybody and Everybody will be there – Saturday, April 26 in the Square. It looks to be a beautiful day maybe a little rain but when it is warm and your family is having fun who cares! Be on the lookout for lots of Kindermusik Kid sightings. I know a lot of our little friends are planning on wearing their Kindermusik T-shirts to the Double Decker Festival. I’ll be wearing mine also so if you have any questions just stop us and ask away. Hopefully I will even remember to bring some Summer Registration forms with me!

Pretend Play


Various studies have linked pretend play with language and literacy development. These studies further suggested that fantasy play incorporates aspects of adult speech as well as the opportunity for children to increase their vocabulary as they create themes and scripts and communicate these ideas to each other.