New Class Announcement!

Please pass this info on…. I’ve had several calls in the last few days about starting a new Village class (newborn – 20 months) in the evenings. Contact me NOW if you want in on the 8 week class. 513-4994. We may follow this class with another round of the Sign & Sing class as there seems to be lots of interest in that as well.

Is My Baby Too Young?

No, your baby is never too young to be aware of the things that are happening around them and we know that kids get the most out of Kindermusik the younger they start. Right now your baby’s brain is soaking up everything — and did you know that music is the ONLY activity that stimulates all areas of your baby’s brain at the same time? Getting started in KM now is a really smart thing to do.
Studio record: Youngest child to come to class – 48 hours old.

Registration Time

Kindermusik Winter/Spring 2010 registration is now open. We INVOLVE the family in music making, learning, and literacy…loving your child is what it’s all about!

My fellow Kindermusik Teacher, Julie Stewart, put together this great set of clips from her studio. It really gives you a great ideas of all the family fun and learning that happens in class.

Check Out the Winter/Spring Schedule

Online Kindermusik registration is up and running! You may also print the registration form and send it in. Did you realize we have Gift Certificates available? Family members can contribute towards Kindermusik classes or Piano Lessons. How often do I hear parents moaning about the huge amount of toy clutter that comes into their homes this time of year? The gift of music lasts a lifetime!