Give Me More!

Give me more choices that is. A long-time Kindermusik mom caught me the other day and let it be known that her daughter needed a Friday morning class. It is the only day mom is not at work. Help us spread the word. We are looking for a few great moms and tots to join in for lots of fun and music. More info here.

The Critical Role Your Child’s Piano Teacher Plays

I have two piano time slots available:
Thursday 4:30 pm pre-piano for 4-5 year olds
Thursday 4:00 pm older children

article – What parents should look for in a music teacher:
Seeking to develop their child’s self-confidence, awaken his passion for the arts, or just to have fun many parents enroll him in music lessons. A piano teacher is crucial in helping frame a child’s outlook on music.

Whether for recreation, personal, or professional development, investing in high quality music education is important to the child’s musical development. Parents should familiarize themselves with current standards of their country’s musical institutions to ensure the prospective teacher has proper certification.

Check out the full article By Elaine Teguibon here.